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Order your tickets for the opening event: "The Best Of Dorien B."

FFO is proud to announce the festival will open on the 6th of September with "The Best Of Dorien B." by Anke Blondé. Tickets available now!

Young local talent has always found its way to the FFO. In the past 'Cargo' (Gilles Coulier), 'Café Derby' (Lenny Van Wesemael) and 'Little Black Spiders' (Patrice Toye) were some of the highlights. 

Anke Blondé (Director): 

I am thrilled 'The Best Of Dorien B.' was selected to open the festival. The film is very dear to me because I've been wanting to tell the story of Dorien for a long time. Hopefully, the audience will relate to the story of Dorien,which is about temporarily losing direction in life.

About the film: 

Dorien (37) has it all:  A loving husband, two adorable children and she runs a succesful veterinary clinic.  

When a series of unfortunate events occur, her picture perfect life starts to crumble. She discovers her mother has been having an affair for years. Her husband is way to close with a co-worker and she discovers a lump in her breast. She starts to doubt all her decisions. Is this the life she dreamt about as a kid?

“The Best Of Dorien B” is a dramatic comedy about a woman who rediscovers and reinvents herself amidst all adversity.