Who qualifies for an accreditation?

Accreditations can only be granted to persons active in the film sector and to the (film)press.

  • Journalists have access to the festival, press conferences and film screenings with the exception of the opening and closing films, the Gala van de Ensors and private B2B screenings on presentation of their accreditation card. Journalists must fill in the accreditation form and upload their press card as proof.

  • Photographers and camera crews will have access to the festival and press conferences on presentation of their accreditation card, but will not have access to the film screenings. They must fill in the accreditation application form and load their press card as proof.

  • Film students can apply for an accreditation pass through their educational institution. Students can also obtain an accreditation card by submitting a letter from the school / show student card.

  • Film professionals get access to the festival and the FFO film screenings, with the exception of receptions, the opening and closing films and the Gala van de Ensors, on presentation of their accreditation card. Film professionals must prove their professionalism by completing the accreditation form and upload an up-to-date CV or filmography.

How to apply for accreditation? 

You need to register via our platform, soon you will be able to find the link to the accreditation request on the page. After approval, you will receive a voucher by email with which the pass can be retrieved and a code to order tickets.


  • Journalists and photographers should also provide their press card together with the application form. If one does not have a press card, the journalist must provide 3 published articles or a recommendation from the chief editor. Film professionals must upload their CV/filmography. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as your accreditation has been accepted.

  • FFO is free to grant or refuse accreditations at its own discretion. The accreditation is valid for the duration of the FFO.

  • An accreditation card is strictly personal and non-transferable. The pass will not be sent, but can be collected at the reception of the festival, daily from 14.00 to 20.00 hours.

  • The press can request a room in a proposed hotel at a reduced rate.

Film Festival Ostend expects to receive all evidence from the accredited press (in print or digital). This can be sent to Filmfestival Ostend, Monacoplein 2, 8400 Ostend,