The Ensors

In 2010, FFO organized The Ensor Gala for the first time. A festive award show during which we celebrate exceptional performances in the Flemish film sector. It became a yearly event at Kursaal Ostend. The closing event of the film festival.

Over the years, The Ensors have grown into a separate organization that collaborates closely with V.O.F.T.P., The Union of Directors, The Gild of Screenwriters, The Belgian Society of Cinematographers (S.B.C.),, The Actors Gild

In 2010, The Ostend Film Festival initiated an annual award show that acknowledges remarkable film performances in the local AV-sector. The Flemish Film Awards became The Ensors, an annual gala at The Ostend Kursaal. A fitting closing event for the festival.

The Ensors fitted in perfectly with the DNA of the Ostend Film Festival, which has always paid ample attention to home-grown talent since its inception. Today, The Ensors symbolize the growing international recognition of the Flemish audiovisual creation sector.

In order to offer The Ensors every opportunity for further development, FFO consulted with the Flemish Independent Film and Television Producers (V.O.F.T.P.), the Union of Directors, the Screenwriters Guild, the Belgian Society of Cinematographers (S.B.C.), and the Actor's Guild, in coordination with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. This resulted in the creation of a separate entity for The Ensors. You can read all about it on!

The Jamies

In January 2021, FFO will honour the best online content creators of 2020 with its own awards: The Jamies. During a gala event on Friday January 22 (2021) the winners in different categories will be announced. 

Lifetime Achievements 

Every year, icons from the (inter)national film world are honoured during FFO.

Walk of Fame

For 13 years now, movie stars have been immortalized on the Ostend Boardwalk. These 'star ceremonies' are truely a joyful events, attracting a great deal of interest from the public every year. In the past, FFO has received plenty of international movie starts to inaugurate their star: Pierce Brosnan, Rupert Everett, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Adrian Brody, Jane Birkin...