Master FFO19: Lynn Van Royen

Filmfestival Oostende proudly presents the ‘Master’ for the 13th edition. This year actress Lynn Van Royen will host the annual event. Lynn already made a graceful appearance last year, presenting ‘The Team 2’ with her fellow cast and crew members.

Peter Craeymeersch, managing director FFO:

“Lynn Van Royen” is the perfect spokeswoman to represent the abundance of young talent in Flanders. She has an exemplary role as a young professional. Lynn is a phenomenal actress and has taken up a public role in society. At Filmfestival Oostende, we strongly believe her positive attitude and flair will make it possible for her to deliver the right message to our audience, introducing a wide scale of relevant subjects in contemporary society. In the meantime finding happiness in the smaller things (as she calls it ‘een klein gelukske’ or ‘a small piece of happiness). Without a doubt, Lynn will inspire a younger generation of filmmakers and our festival visitors.”

Lynn Van Royen:

“I was honoured when FFO officially asked me to be the next Master. I truly admire all of the previous masters on a personal and professional level. They have vision, are opinionated and masters of their craft. So there will be some sort of pressure to follow in their footsteps. Peter (Craeymeersch) calmed me down, told me to keep things simple. Sleep on it. The decision to highlight ‘Women’ in general came quite natural.

Women, without adjectives like strong, tough, sexy or smart. No, just women. Women who dare, who care about their beliefs, who live by their own set of rules en are stronger for it. Who overcome criticism by doing the right thing. Sometimes their decisions make them pioneers, sometimes they lead a life outside the spotlight that is equally fulfilling. But either way, it was THEIR decision, and not a decision that was forced upon them.

I truly respect all people, men and women, who find the strength and guts to take their life in to their own hands, by any means necessary. It’s not just about having a high-brow career or having kids, but about finding your own voice within the masses, daring to ask for help when needed. What they decide doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s a decision they make on their own. In this case it’s about ‘Leading Ladies’, following their own path. Getting back up after falling down, with or without support.

The characters from the films I selected thus far, clashed because of their situation, background, sexuality, ambition, skin colour or ideological preferences, They’re all swimming against the current, against ‘normality’, against the borders they considered the end zones in their lives. They clashed because they wanted to break out of these limitations. They bend or break the limits of their surroundings. They exude some kind of power, the power to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the power to control their own destiny and by doing so, setting an example.

It might sound a bit silly, but Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren) said it best: “I’ve never done it before, so I guess i can do it”. It’s a catchphrase that should be branded in everyone’s mind. No stereotypes, no limited mindset, no prejudice or no judgement for that matter.”


This Master-title gives Lynn the opportunity to highlight her love for cinema. The theme for her ‘Master Selection’ will be ‘Leading Ladies’:

“Women that make their own decisions and give it their all. Women that push the boundaries. Lynn wants to get away from stereotypes and stand for inclusion.


Lynn Van Royen (°1989) is the youngest master in the history of FFO. Despite her young age, her resumé is quite impressive. You might have seen her in ‘Dubbelleven’ or ‘De Ridder’.

In Flanders she came to stardom with her work on ‘Marsman’, where she played the daughter of the main character (played by Jurgen Delnaet). She played Nina Beernaert in ‘Spitsbroeders’ and her performance as Kato Hoeven in ‘Beau Séjour’ earned her a ‘Best Actress’-award at the Monte Carlo Film Festival. The series were picked up by Netflix, propelling Lynn on to the international stage.

It led to other interesting roles: She joined Veerle Baetens in the internationally appraised series ‘Tabula Rasa’ and Lynn plays the lead in the succesful German-Danish coproduction ‘The Team’. She’s part of Flemish series ‘De Dag’ and ‘De Twaalf’ and she is the leading actress in de Flemish remake of ‘De Luizenmoeder’.